Summer Missionaries

A Ministry to the Corners:

Each summer, CEF of Eastern PA sends out teams of Summer Missionaries. These are trained and passionate-for-the-Gospel teachers, age 16 and up, who dedicate their summer to spreading the truth of God's Word in the corners of Pennsylvania where school clubs and summer camps may not be able to reach.

Their strategy is two-fold:

  1. They use the Wordless book evangelism tool to share the gospel with children at fairs, church ministries, and other events. 

  2. They lead Bible learning times for both saved and unsaved children called 5-Day Clubs for approx. one hour a day for five consecutive days at churches, homes, and day cares. 

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How You Can be Involved:

As the year grows warmer, we're preparing for the Summer Missionary ministry of 2022 by: 

  1. Seeking born-again believers willing to serve the Lord this summer as Summer Missionaries.

    • This could include you if:

      • you're 16 or older​

      • you're passionate about sharing the Gospel

      • you're willing to give up your whole summer (mid-June to mid-August) for ministry

      • you love working with children

  2. Planning out the locations for our Summer Missionaries to share their ministry.

    • This could include you if:​

      • you have children in your neighborhood​ OR

      • you are in charge of a summer church ministry in need of teaching helpers OR

      • you run a daycare or other child center​​

I am Interested in...


What is a 5-Day Club?

Short Answer:

     A time for kids in your neighborhood to hear the truth of God's word.


Long Answer: 

   An approx. one-hour learning time that takes place over five consecutive days in the summer geared for kids 5-12. Led by trained teachers, each club includes five Bible lessons and missionary story segments, memory verses, fun songs, a short puppet skit, and daily review games. These often take places on lawns or porches, in homes, at churches or daycares, or in other places where a host or hostess has allowed the Summer Missionaries to come and teach. 

Other (equally true) Answers:

   A low-pressure way to hear the gospel. Our goal is to keep clubs within walking distance or a short driving distance from neighborhood children. There's no cost for children to attend.

   An alternate to technology-packed summer activities. All of our activities are done with paper visuals or other basic supplies. While technology can be useful, the simpler hand-held visuals provide opportunities to interact more in-person and in-the-moment. 

    An opportunity for more personalized attention. Most clubs are small, allowing Summer Missionaries to include children more in club activities and to spend time before and after club getting to know them and letting them know they are valuable. 


So you want to be a Summer Missionary...

Get ready for a fun, impactful, God-honoring summer.

Here's a run-down of what being a Summer Missionary (SM) looks like:

  • Before summer begins, you find ministry partners (people willing to give financially toward and pray for your ministry). Any money you raise goes toward your training and supplies, travel expenses, and salary (yes, this is a paid summer job).

  • You start the summer with two weeks of intense training done by experienced and well-qualified instructors. Training school will equip you mentally as well as spiritually and emotionally through times in the Word and fellowship with others as passionate about ministry as you.

  • Then, each week in July and August, you'll be doing a variety of activities including:

    • teaching 5-Day Clubs or at VBSs (up to four a day)​

    • helping out as a pavilion director or group leader at day camps

    • sharing the gospel through the Wordless book at various ministry events (church outreaches, the county fair, etc.)

    • presenting the ministry of CEF at supporting churches

    • helping the CEF office prepare for all of these ministries as needed throughout the summer

  (Don't worry, you do get one week off during the summer.​​)

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Still interested in being a Summer Missionary?

Make sure to pray about this opportunity.

Then, contact the CEF of Tioga County Office for an application or more information. Stop by our office or fill out the form on our contact page.


Need Help with Summer Ministries?

CEF wants to come alongside the summer ministries of churches (such as Vacation Bible Schools, single day events, or other outreaches) by providing qualified and dedicated teachers willing to serve.

What would having Summer Missionaries partner with you event look like?

Envision this: 

   Your ministry staff suddenly gains two added people who are prepared with five different lessons and corresponding activities. These new helpers bring all of their curriculum materials with them, so your church doesn't have to worry about providing the teaching equipment. Your church members can focus on other facets of your ministry event (such as other games and activities, food preparation, or welcoming) without having to divide up the lesson planning between them as well. 

As a bonus: 

   Summer Missionaries are trained for both up-front teaching and small group interaction, including counseling children one-on-one for salvation and assurance. If your church doesn't need all five days worth of teaching, Summer Missionaries can adapt their ministry to a single lesson and counseling or open air witnessing. If your church event is longer than the one-hour prepared club time but you would like to have the Summer Missionaries help with other activities during your event, let the CEF of Tioga County office know ahead of time so the Summer Missionaries's schedule can be adjusted.

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Interested in having Summer Missionaries come and partner with your church event?

Please contact the CEF of Tioga County office for more information. 

We're looking for events especially during the weeks of July 18-22, and August 8-12 but may be available to help other days throughout the summer depending on scheduling.


What does Hosting a 5-Day Club look like?


Hosting a 5-Day Club primarily means providing a location for Summer Missionaries to come and hold their one-hour club for five consecutive days. This could be your front lawn or porch, a room inside your house, or a designated area at your personal daycare.

Hosting a 5-Day Club should be as stress-free as possible. You do not have to be in the same room as the club for the duration of the club, but we do ask you to be nearby in case of emergency. 

What else would you do as a host or hostess?

  • Prepare the club location: Since each available area can be different, you'll need to make sure there are seats available for the children and Summer Missionaries, or a blanket and lawn chairs if it is outside.

  • Invite local children: CEF will provide you with invitations to hand out to the children in your neighborhood before the week of club. For a daycare club, this would mean asking permission of any parents so that children may sit in on this special time. 

  • Make sure you have all necessary clearances: hosts and hostesses are considered mandatory reporters by state law and need to turn into the CEF office copies of necessary clearances. 

  • (optional) Provide a snack and drink for before or after club: While this is not necessary, providing a refreshment for the children and missionaries can create a time for them to interact more casually. Snacks are also often a good draw for neighborhood children. 


Interested in hosting a 5-Day Club in your area?

Please contact the CEF of Tioga County office for more information. 

We're looking to hold clubs during the weeks of July 18-22, and August 8-12.