Church Partnership

At CEF of Tioga County, we realize that our mission field is the same as the churches in our areas. We can't do our ministry without them - in fact, we wouldn't want to!

CEF has many different ways of partnering with local churches for training, outreach, and events. Some possible ways of connection are listed below, but if you have any questions or ideas, please contact us!

Church Cross

Training Classes


We offer training classes on topics related to Christian Education and Child Evangelism. Because training others is part of our ministry, these classes are available at no cost. These classes consist of special subjects such as:  How to Lead a Child to Christ, Lesson Preparation, Music, Missions, Discipline Within Your Class, and Assurance of Salvation. We can tailor our presentation to the specific needs of your church, and we would be glad to address the topics as they affect your particular situation. 

For more information and a fuller list of available topics, please contact us.

Presentations/ Pulpit Supply

Want to hear about our ministry in-person and get to know our workers?

We would love to come visit your church! Our workers are more than willing to share about our ministry during a part or the entirety of a morning or evening service. 

Our Director, Garion Erway, is a graduate from Alaska Bible College with a degree in Bible with an emphasis in missions. He has acted as pulpit supply for several churches in the local area and is willing to come and preach in your church as needed. 

Let us know when we can visit you.

Ministry Events


Have a children's or family event coming up at your church or in connection with it? 


CEF would love to join you!

Our teaching staff is willing to come out to single and multi-day church events, such as church fairs, community outreach days, or Vacation Bible Schools. We can teach lessons, share mission stories, lead a club-style event, or simply present our ministry, depending on the need.


Please contact us to ask how our teachers and ministry resources can be of assistance for your event.

We Need You!

CEF needs the help of churches like you to keep our ministry going. Not only do we need the support through faithful financial partnership and prayer warriors, but we also need help in connecting kids to our ministry and to yours. We need to have the contact information of local pastors to connect unchurched children to for follow-up and discipleship. We also need help in providing locations for our Good News Clubs and other outreaches. For more information, visit our School Year page or contact us.