Good News Clubs

Did you like the stories you got to hear in camp? Guess what?

The same great teaching continues throughout the school year with our Good News Clubs!

Come for an hour, once a week, and learn about Jesus and his disciples. Hear the stories of true missionaries who gave all they had to serve the Lord. And, play fun review games and sing songs with kids just like you! 

Interested? See the attached PDF for a list of potential club locations and a permission form for the 2021-2022 school year. 


What Kids Have to Say:


“My favorite thing in CEF is the games!!!! And the songs!!!”


“I like CEF because it is teaching us about God.”

"The stories are engaging and interesting. I like them."


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What is a Good News Club?

A Good News Club (GNC) is a Bible class for kids ages 5-12 that takes place once a week from October - April. These clubs are held in connection with the public schools but usually take place outside of the school building - in a nearby church or home. 

GNC are sometimes known as Released Time Classes (RTC) - if the kids are released for an house during the school day for club - and sometimes known as After School Clubs (ASC) - if the class takes place directly after the normal school day is over.


Students may only attend a GNC, RTC, or ASC if they have parental permission given through a signed permission form.


Q: Who teaches at a Good News Club?

Throughout the school year, volunteers teach and help out at Good News Clubs. Volunteer teachers must be over the age of 18, but helpers can be 14 and up. 


CEF of Tioga County offers monthly teacher training classes throughout the school year in order to more fully equip teachers and helpers to take part in clubs. Anyone who is interested in teaching or in seeing what training class is like is free to stop by the office or contact us.


Q: How do I sign my kids up?

Each student attending club must have a signed parental permission form. These forms need to be turned in at the school office of the school your child attends. If the school does not have a permission slip, your child will not be released for club. 


Permission forms will be available on this page closer to the beginning of the school year. A sample form is available currently, but club dates and locations for the 2021-2022 school year are not solidified.

Q: What does it cost?

There is no cost for children to attend. All materials are supplied through the CEF office library and funded by ministry donations.